focuses on industrial real estate, site selection and start-up services throughout Mexico and along the U.S. border.  We have two main lines of services: Advisory Support Services and Tenant/Purchaser representation. 

We do not charge a fee to use our advisory services.  There is no obligation to you or your company to use our services.Everything we discuss will remain strictly confidential between us. We will never distribute your information to third parties. Our source of revenue comes from our tenant representation services.


Real estate in Mexico is usually the easiest part of any expansion or relocation project. In order to provide turnkey solutions to our clients, we developed one of the only Advisory Support teams in Mexico. We focus on assisting clients during the early stages of a project to determine where to locate and assist in start-up operations. We offer unbiased guidance and market insight to companies considering operating a manufacturing facility in Mexico including:

  • Information and market research
  • Detailed industrial cost information
  • Site selection materials
  • Extensive working knowledge of the main maquiladora markets across the country
  • Local contacts with customs brokers, transportation companies, government agencies, economic development groups, law firms, etc.
  • Periodic updates on Mexico’s economy and manufacturing export industry


Our office has dedicated tenant/purchaser representation professionals working in the border region and across Mexico. We have strategically aligned our fiduciary responsibility with our clients to ensure they receive the best possible real estate services with no conflicts of interest whatsoever.

This focus allows us to consistently deliver the best-of-class transactions expected by our clients around the world. The tenant representation services we provide include:

  • Industrial brokerage services
  • Current situation and business plan analysis
  • Build-to-suit transaction services
  • Lease versus buy analysis
  • Surplus space and/or utilization analysis
  • Land acquisitions/assemblage
  • Comprehensive property availability studies
  • Sale Leaseback Transactions

There is no charge to our clients for using the database or the advisory support services. We are paid through with a standard real estate commission at the successful completion of a project.  See our Project Timeline for more information.

This is a brief outline of a typical project.

  • Information Request: Within 48 hours of registering online or calling our office in El Paso, Texas, one of our market specialists will personally contact you. We will discuss why you are looking at Mexico, what information you require and how we can be of assistance. We will issue you a login name and a password to access all features of our website.
  • Preliminary Investigation: When we have a better understanding of your project, a dedicated team member will prepare a base report addressing the key areas of the operation – wages, utility costs, facility options, etc. This report and subsequent modifications and additions will be the foundation for determining if this is a project that warrants more resources, both from the client and
  • Site Selection: If the preliminary report positively addresses your goals in Mexico, we will explore specific locations and how they can benefit or detract from the project. This stage involves looking at supplier requirements, transportation issues, labor factors and potential clients in Mexico. The goal is to put the basic data to work in selecting alternative locations in Mexico and further developing the case for relocating to Mexico.
  • Ground Visit: With a site selection report in place, we will travel with you in Mexico and facilitate on-the-ground research. Over a couple of days, we will visit with local government and economic development agencies, potential suppliers, law firms, customs brokers, tour potential facilities and meet with local companies currently in operation to gain an insider’s view of the area and opportunities.
  • Final Report: With the materials from the trip in place, we will address any remaining questions and assist in the preparation of a final report to be submitted to the company’s decision makers for approval. This will involve detailed discussions with:
    • Lawyers regarding incorporation and permit process as well as tax and other legal issues
    • Transportation companies and customs brokers to layout how your product will be moved in and out of Mexico
    • Suppliers, in both Mexico and the U.S., to make sure your component and raw material needs can be met
    • Landowners and developers to discuss facility options
  • Active Project: Once the approval is given to move forward, we will guide you through the start-up process with the direct involvement of's tenant representation team handling the real estate negotiations.