Cardinal Healthcare Case Study

In the early morning hours of Thursday, January 14, 1999, a fire swept through the Cardinal Healthcare Corporation plant in Ciudad Juarez, Mexico. With its manufacturing plant completely destroyed, Cardinal Healthcare needed to resume production at another location in the shortest amount of time.

Eagle Ottawa Leather Company Case Study

In late 2002, Eagle Ottawa, the largest global manufacturer of high quality automotive upholstery leather, needed to expand its operations in northern Ciudad Juarez from a 40,000 SF to a 130,000 SF facility. A particular requirement was that the plant needed to remain in the northern area, close to its existing labor force and minutes away from the Americas international bridge.

Electroswitch Case Study

Electroswitch Electronic Products, headquartered in Raleigh, NC, is a leading rotary switch manufacturer. S.G.I. de Mexico, its subsidiary in Ciudad Juarez, had a 5-year lease on a 51,359 SF facility in the northern part of the city.

International Paper Case Study

Headquartered in the United States, International Paper is the world's largest paper and forest products company. The company needed to open a plant to distribute cardboard products in Ciudad Juarez, one essential requirement was that the new plant could be gradually expanded by modules as needed.

Kent H. Landsberg Company Case Study

Kent Landsberg Company's main challenge was to find an existing building that satisfied the specific requirements that the warehouse and distribution center required. At that time, none of the spec buildings in the market fulfilled those requirements.

 Mediacopy Case Study

Mediacopy needed to construct two highly specialized facilities along the U.S - Mexico border, the first such offshore operating facility in the company’s history. Numerous developer and financing options were under consideration. Location criteria had to be developed given the requirement for proximity to a highly technical and skilled labor force.

Monarch Litho Case Study

Monarch Litho Inc, a California-based printing company was interested in expanding their operations. The challenge was to find rail-served property since Monarch had huge amounts of paper shipped in, and they needed to save money on their shipping costs.